Airport Information

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Airport Information

Shannon Airport Guide has loads of useful information about the airport. We have included pages for everything you need to know. Shannon Airport is the easiest airport to travel through, it’s not as busy as Dublin Airport which makes it less stress full to travel through. This has huge advantages with travel times, queuing and your stress levels while travelling.

This website has multiple web pages for all the airport information you will need, including car parking rates, and arrival and departure information. Airport transfers, public transport, you name it and we have it covered. We have included a car rental page for you if you need to collect your vehicle or drop back a car after an enjoyable trip!

We have included information on the US pre-clearance services which are available as SNN. These services are so handy and they save valuable time when travelling. If you need Wi-fi or toilet information, see the page for all the relevant info. If you fancy a bit to eat, check out the food page with some nice places to eat.

This website is free to use, we have designed it for you, it’s a user-friendly platform.

Just click on the drop-down menu and you will see all the pages appear, and click which one you need! We hope you have an enjoyable trip in or out of SNN and we hope you find this website useful and helpful!

FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the closest city to Shannon airport? 

Answer – The closest city to SNN is Shannon town, it’s located just 3 kilometres away, and the journey will take around 7 minutes. Limerick city is located 2.6 kilometres away and the journey will take you 30 minutes.

How long does it take to get through the security at SNN airport?

Answer – Depending on how busy it is, usually you can get through security in 15 minutes or less. If you are travelling at peaks time during the summer months, allow around 30 minutes to get through. 

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