Airport Services

shannon airport inside terminal building views with seating and a tiled floor

Airport Services

Shannon Airport Guide has loads of helpful information about services available. We have put together pages for all services you need to know. SNN Airport is a great airport to use, and the staff and services make it an enjoyable experience for all.

This guide website has lots of web pages for all the airport services you will need, there’s a banking page, shopping, and wifi information. In the current climate everybody does so much with their smartphone, so having access to good wi-fi is important we have included the info you will need on our wifi page. We have included information for VIP passengers and the service available at SNN. If you are parking your car in the airport, see our car parking page with all info, and we even have some helpful videos that can direct you to the various car parks at the airport. If you are hungry and need a good meal, check out our food page.

This website is free to use, we have designed it for you, it’s a user-friendly platform.

Just click on the drop-down menu and you will see all the pages appear, and click which one you need! We hope you have an enjoyable trip in or out of SNN and we hope you find this website useful and helpful!

FAO – Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a porter service at Shannon Airport? 

Answer – Yes, there is a portage service at SNN, please contact the porter service via the red telephones located around the terminal building. The portage service can help you if you have any difficulties with baggage due to health or disability conditions.

Are there private lounge services at Shannon?

Answer – Yes, there are executive luxury private lounges available to hire at the Burren Lounge and the Boru Lounges. The prices are 15 euros for a child and 25 euros for adults.

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