Airport Transport

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Airport Transport

Welcome to the Shannon Airport Guide Airport Transport page. We have included a few webpages that you will find useful for transport purposes, whether you’re looking for an airport transfer, a limousine or a taxi. If you need public transport and wanna get a bus we have you covered!  We have included all the relevant information that will need, including contact details, and links to web addresses. this website has loads of information about SNN airport, and multiple pages about everything you need to know when using this airport. A lot of people always comment that Shannon is a breeze to travel in and out. Americans love the fact that there is a US pre-clearance service available, this is very convenient for US passengers.

If transport is a need, check our Shannon Airport transfer page with some companies that can help you out! If you need to catch a bus visit our Bus page and if you need to rent a car, click on the car rental page. Travelling can be stressful sometimes, so it’s best to plan ahead and have everything sorted, this will make life a little bit easier!!! By booking in advance you can have peace of mind and you can plan your trip effectively.

This website is completely free to use, we have designed it for people that require info in a clear, simple manner., it’s a user-friendly platform.

To navigate the website, all you need to do is, click on the drop-down menu on the homepage and you will see all the pages appear, then simply click which one you need! We hope you have an enjoyable trip in or out of SNN and we hope you find this website a good source of information.

FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is SNN airport located? 

Answer – The airport is located in County Clare in Shannon in the west of Ireland. The postcode is V14 EE06. The airport is located 25.5 kilometres from Limerick and 223.5 kilometres from Dublin.

Is there a train to Shannon airport?

No there is no train service to SNN airport, buses are available to SNN.

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