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Ebooks are great while flying all over the world! Ebooks are so easy to download onto your smartphone or tablet or laptop. Amazon have a huge range of Ebooks, travel guides, fiction books, novels and autobiographies.

Amazon has 6 million Ebooks to choose from.

Travel Guides Ireland E-books

This handy travel guide has lots of useful tips and information about Ireland.
It includes useful maps, Ricks useful advice about trip planning. It's a great addition to your holiday for sure.
There is a packing list, and an Irish phrasebook for those tricky ones!
Rick Steves provides advice on beating the queues, and getting the most for your money.
Rick includes all the nice places to stay in Ireland like Kerry, Clare, Galway, Dublin, Dingle and Connemara!
Rick's knowledge is excellent!

Some great comments on Amazon, 169 reviews in total.

Lonely Planet is one of the best selling travel guide's worldwide, they are your passport to an enjoyable trip!
This guide offers colourful maps, useful tips and essential info at your fingertips, or in your pocket!
Travel itineraries are included and culture insights in Ireland, with tips for all budgets.
It's a photo-rich guide with tons of useful information for your trip, it will help you with your holiday!
Covers all the great areas like including Waterford, Limerick, Clare, Kilkenny and Mayo! It's a must-have!
Tis a decent book!

Some good reviews on Amazon, 13 reviews in total.

This electronic book has a wealth of information, it has info about Ireland's cosy pubs, and history.
There is info about cultural attractions in the Emerald Isle, and must-see places.
The best cycling routes and walking trails, Ireland has some beautiful landscapes to take in!
The ebook has info about Limericks literature, country cottages and old medieval castles, this book has some great info.
Give it a try it won't disappoint!

105 reviews on Amazon, some really good ones!

This handy little ebook offer tips from locals, and lots of info about Ireland's iconic coastal areas.
There are 20 detailed maps to guide you along the way with multiple travel itineraries.
The ebook contains lots of colourful photos and info about the most popular sites in Ireland like the Cliffs of Moher and the wonderful Ring of Kerry.
There is info about the hidden gems of Ireland and top castle hotels in the Emerald Isle.
New features include the best Golf courses and where to buy stuff in Ireland
Tis a masterpiece really!

143 reviews, very highly rated guide, it's a must-buy!

Audio Books

Audiobooks are great while flying all over the world! Audiobooks are so easy to download onto your smartphone or tablet or laptop. Audible has a huge range of Ebooks, travel guides, fiction books, novels and autobiographies.

Audible offers 200,000 audiobooks and
you can join for free!

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Ireland Tourism Ebooks

Dublin is a great city to visit, with so much to see this travel guide can be a useful asset for your trip.
Dublin is Ireland's capital, it has a rich history, this ebook has very helpful info. There are detailed maps of all the cool stuff in Dublin.
Covers all the highlights of Dublin, travel itineraries and offers an enriched travel experience.
Its covers Grafton Street, the Docklands, the famous Temple bar area and North of the Liffey.
It provides some good honest reviews for all budgets large and small.
Very good Travel Guide!

3 ratings and reviews on Amazon

Ireland has some unreal coastal areas and road trip, one being the Wild Atlantic Way, its a 2,500-kilometre road trip full of green views, coastal areas, cows wandering the land and old historical buildings, cosy pubs and great food.
This road trip ebook will guide you with maps covering Cork, Kerry and the south-west region of Ireland, tis the way to go!
Lonely Planet is going since the 1970s, this guide is full of information that will make your road trip easy, enjoyable and fun.
You have to have it!

One review and rating on Amazon

This Wild Atlantic Way guide offers loads of info about the different sites to see along this massive roadtrip.
Neil Jackman guides you along the route telling you about the iconic landscape that make Ireland so famous. He cover over 100 heritages sites including the wonderful cottage of 1916 hero Patrick Pearse. This ebook is a great for any explorer heading for the Wild Atlantic Way Way in Ireland.
It covers Kinsale up the coast to Donegal with old ancient tombs, old churches and castles.
It's a practical and engaging guide that you will enjoy!.
A very good guide for the mother of all road trips!

8 ratings and reviews n Amazon, some v good ones!

This little ebook covers all things Cork, Cork is Ireland's second-largest and most populated city. This super little guide has loads of useful tips and hints that can help you when you travel to Cork.
This ebook provides a load of history info and plenty to keep you busy in your visit to Cork. It's a good idea to have a travel guide, to plan your trip and see some cool and interesting stuff, Cork has plenty to offer. Travelling outside of Cork city, you can see some of the Wild Atlantic Way, Mizen head is one place you have got to see!

One rating and review on Amazon

E-book Autobiographies

This book is by Michelle Obama, it's highly rated and sold a large amount both paperback and in Ebook format, this link for an ebook format.
Michelle Obama served as First Lady and her husband was President for two terms.
This book explains about the White House and some of America's most harrowing moments. This book is Michelle telling her full story as she has lived it and in her own honest words and on her own terms. It's a really good read!

50,565 reviews and rating, this speaks for itself I think!

This book is about Donald Trump, this is written by Trump's niece It goes over the history of the Trump family, and has some family facts. Marty Trump talks about her early childhood with her grandparents.
she talks about her portrait of Donald Trump, and she gives her views on Trump.
It makes interesting reading, she has mixed views.
The book has sold a lot of copies worldwide, some of Trump's actions are on the news daily, so he sells books and newspapers.
It's a fact!
A good read and some interesting stuff.

25,662 reviews and rating, a big selling book to be honest

Elton John is one of the world's most popular artists. He has had a in interesting lifestyle for a long number of years.
The book goes through Elton John's life from being a young songwriter. He talks about his music career, different ups and downs.
He talks about his drug addiction and his friends Freddie Mercury and George Michael. Elton John talks about trying to drown himself in a swimming pool in LA and falling in love with his partner David Furnish. It's a great book with some honest facts about his life!

7,452 reviews and ratings, some very happy readers!

Johnny Cash is known as the man in black, one of the world's best country legend singers. This ebook is Johnny Cash's story of the lows and highs in his life, some very hard-won triumphs.
This book is in Johnny Cash's own words, he talks about his boyhood memories and rising to superstardom in Nashville USA.
Johnny Cash talks about the enjoyment of playing with the famous Elvis, and his fight with addiction.
Johnny talks about the love for his wife and his famous line of friends including Willie Nelson and Roy Orbison. A great book about a great life!

523 reviews and ratings, plenty of great comments!

Business E-books

This book is a wall street bestseller, it's based on Chris Voss who joins the FBI as a hostage negotiator, which brought him in contact with lots of different types of people.
He became the FBI chief negotiator, he talks about high stakes and the skills required in these tricky times.
He talks about the life experience of negotiating to do simple things to very serious negotiations. It's a very interesting book, written by someone with a unique experience of various life experiences like no other. A really interesting book!

6,592 best selling book with a load of reviews and ratings!

This ebook is about Warren Buffet, and his successful life in investing, the book goes over Buffets play in Heinz, IBM stocks and his world-famous analysis of good companies at cheap prices. Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors of all time, he knows a good business when he sees one. He owns some of the worlds best-known brands, Coke Cola, IBM, Apple to name a few.
He's famous for making large wise bets over the short and long term.
This is a good read full of interesting stuff about stocks and markets.

333 reviews and ratings, a magic number!

Friction E-books

This ebook is from famous writer Dan Brown who done the best seller the "Da Vinci Code".
The famous Robert Langdon is again looking into stuff, and the US capital summons him. The plans are interrupted when an object encoded with mysterious five symbols is found and need Langdon's expertise.
Dan Brown's books are really good and offer a very interesting nail-biting read, they are cliffhangers.
Langdon friend is kidnapped and this opens up a great storyline of hidden history, inconceivable truth. The book is set in the Washington DC, it's a really good book. You won't want to leave this book down.

8,143 rating and reviews from the best selling author

This is a best selling book from Stephenie Meyer, It's a story with a dark twist. It's a story of vampires and love with Bella and Edward. In the Midnight Sun Stephenie Meyers transports back to a world that millions of readers found very interesting, this cool novel based on profound pleasures, immortal love and devastating consequences is a really good read.
This is friction at its best and it's will keep you going for hours!
This book is another great book from, Stephenie Meyer"

7,7781 ratings and reviews loads of great reviews!
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