Flying Out of Shannon Airport

Flying Out of Shannon Airport

Checking In

If you are flying out of Shannon Airport the check-in desks are situated in the main terminal building on the ground floor in front of the short term car park. If you are arriving into Coach park 2 and flying out of Shannon Airport, just process through the glass doors straight into the departures area.

The airline desks will be directly in front of you and to the left-hand side and the check-in desks are clearly marked with company logos. Check your ticket information, make sure to allow enough time for check-in or delays you may have.

If you need to contact your airline, please see our airlines page for all contact details.

You can also check-in online via airline websites. Checked luggage and hand luggage amounts depend on airline policy, contact the airline directly if required.

When you are flying out of Shannon Airport, we recommend weighing your bag before check-in.  The closing time of the check-in desks is normally 45 minutes before takeoff time. Make sure to check the list of prohibited items, new regulations came into effect in relation to gels, and liquids that are not permitted in the cabin area.

Please remember that check-in staff may be under some pressure. Don’t cause any unwanted pressure for staff.


Your baggage is very important while travelling.  Shannon Airport Guide advises you to follow some of our baggage tips.

Here are some steps to help with the process

  • It is also a good idea to make sure you pack your own bag.
  • Check with airline about max baggage weight and size.
  • Check the prohibited list of items.
  • Do not overpack.
  • Make sure to tag your bags yourself.
  • Attach a luggage strap to secure the contents.
  • Attach a lock to your suitcase.
  • Include contact details like phone number, email address and postcode.
  • Check with security guidelines.
  • Have your bag packed fully and don’t be delaying at the check-in desk.
  • If a bag is lost contact the lost and found section straight away.


If you require assistance with lost or stolen bags when flying out of Shannon Airport, please contact the lost and found baggage section on +353(0)87 0574354

There is an Airport portage service at Shannon Airport, there is a charge for this service if you require this service.

Please contact +353(0)87 0574354 and +353(0)61 712 408 for portage service.

Prohibited Items

  • Knives, pen knives and blades
  • Cutlery
  • Baseball bats
  • Paper knifes
  • Various types of tools
  • Medical needles
  • Toy guns, replica guns
  • Catapults
  • Golf clubs
  • Snooker or pool cues.
  • Hurley 

Certain liquids and gels are not permitted, please check directly with the airline and ask about your query. This regulation is covered by EU law.


Shannon Airport police oversee security issues in the Airport. Security is very important at Shannon Airport. Please plan your trip accordingly. Security staff is responsible for screening and checking bags for various items.  Passing through the metal detector scanner can be time-consuming. Do not carry unwanted baggage through security.  Metal items in clothing can cause the scanner to alarm. Computers need to be scanned directly, remember to remove laptops from carry-on bags.  Coins, watches and certain jewellery items, and mobile phones are allowed onboard the aircraft.

Do not carry through gift-wrapped items as they may need to be opened by Airport security if the alarm sounds. Please contact your airline directly for a full list of prohibited items. The Airport police phone number is +353(0)61712000

We hope you find the website information useful, we welcome any queries or comments by email on

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