Landing At Shannon Airport

airport baggage area, with leather seating and a suitcase in view

Landing At Shannon Airport

When you arrive at Shannon and come off the aircraft. You will enter the north side of the terminal building on the ground level. You will enter the immigration hall and you need all current travel documents depending on requirements.

 You will then proceed into the baggage and arrivals area. If you have problems with lost baggage, please contact the lost property section at +00353(0)870574354

If you require a wheelchair please contact your airline directly or contact +00353(0)873373401 or email

Airline baggage will arrive on the baggage carousels. Baggage should arrive quickly and if you have any missing bags contact the lost property section in the terminal building at +00353(0)870574354.

If you need to contact your airline, please see our airlines page with all contact details.

For lost bags and items on the aeroplane, you will need to contact the airline directly.  After collecting your baggage you can then proceed through the sliding doors into the arrival area.

If you have pre-booked a transfer, you will see your name on a name card.  Shannon Airport car hire desks are in the arrival area. The car rental desks will be straight in front of you when you walk into the arrival area. The Shannon Airport information desk is on the left-hand side in the arrivals area.  There is a shop in the arrivals area and a restaurant called JJ Ruddles.

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FAO – Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact for lost bags at SNN? 

Answer – You need to contact your airline if the bag is lost when you checked it in. If your baggage is lost on the airport grounds itself, contact the Lost Property Office, located in the Arrivals Hall. Opening hours: 06:00 am to 23:00 am daily and the phone number is +353 87 3285935.


How long does it take to get your lost baggage or suitcases to be found?

Answer – If your baggage gets lost and doesn’t reach its final destination, your airline will locate it and get it on the next available flight to you. 5% of luggage is never found and 97.5% is returned to its owner within 48 hours of being lost


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