Us Emigration and Preclearance at Shannon Airport

US Emigration and Preclearance at Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport was the first airport outside of America to offer US Pre-clearance service in 1986. Pre-clearance is also offered to private aircraft and commercial flights including agricultural cargo. This is a very convenient service for passengers saving time and reducing travel hours. It allows passengers bound for America to fulfil all immigration and customs requirements before leaving Ireland. It also prevents you have to queue at the airport in North America.

The Pre-clearance system is very well put together. You will need all the travel documents and visa documents. Your bags will be checked through and you will be streamlined through saving you stress and time. The US Pre-clearance section is based on the upper floor of the terminal building.

You are advised that US Pre-clearance requires at least 1 hour or 1.5 hours before departure to fulfil the process. Passengers travelling with a visa waiver have to apply through the US Customs and Border Protection Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

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